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Multi-functional Quantum Dots Synthesis

Why are we interested in the Quantum Dots?

Quantum dots are nanometer-sized metal and semiconductor crystals with unique size-dependent chemical, optical and electronic properties.

▶ Advantages of Quantum dots

Size-tunable electronic structures

High luminescence efficiency

Low thermal conductivity

Inexpensive solution-based device fabrication

(spin coating, ink-jet printing, spray coating, drop-casting)


▶ Nanomaterials Synthesis & Surface Engineering

'Design of nanoparticles for electronic and optoelectronic device devices'

Multicomponent nanostructures and superlattices are the most interesting class of electronic materials because novel unexpected properties can originate from the cross-talk between quantum confined components with different functionalities. This is a new area of nanomaterial research, and is virtually unexplored. In particular, core-shell morphology maximizes the interaction between the components and provides convenient platform for studying exciton-plasmon interactions and electronic coupling between metal and semiconductor at the nanoscale.  We will further explore general synthesis methods and applications for smart functional nanomaterials combined with desired optical, electronic, and magnetic properties

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